Save Your Box Tops! Each one is worth 10c towards products we can use at the facility!

Here’s a list of Participating Products. Buy the products you normally buy and simply clip the box tops and drop them off to us. We’ll do the rest.

A simple, effective way to support education.

*Save your box tops and get them to us by October 1st 2012. Join to see our progress, and to also shop online with proceeds going to RISE

Who can help
A coordinator is a very important part of the school earning process, because he or she is the one who sends your Box Tops in to be redeemed as cash for your school.

Here are a few more things a coordinator might do over the course of a school year: run Box Tops collection contests, work with school staff to get teachers and classrooms involved, keep parents informed…and, of course, generate enthusiasm about Box Tops at your school!

How you can help
Maybe you’d like to help, even if you can’t take on a coordinator role. Not a problem—every coordinator can use a little extra assistance in promoting or running their Box Tops program. Here are a few ways you can get involved on a smaller scale:

Offer to help count and bundle Box Tops at submission time
Ask to put a Box Tops collection bin at your workplace, place of worship, health club or other places you regularly spend time
Enlist friends and family members to sign up online to support your school. It doesn’t matter where they live —anyone can support any school that participates in the Box Tops program
Ask your coordinator(s) what they need most when it comes to extra help. When we all work together, it can really make a difference!

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