About Us

About Us

RISE Resource Center was incorporated in December 2009 and in May 2010 received it’s 501(c)(3) determination by the IRS as a tax-exempt organization. Founded by four Las Vegas moms with a passion for education, all four have been active in the educational community and have seen the huge growth of non-traditional schooling. Charter schooling has tripled it’s amount of students over the 2010-2011 year, and homeschooling also continues to thrive.

The mission statement for RISE Resource Center, Inc. is “To provide a facility and resources which support educational choice.” This mission sums up the dream of all four founders, which is to create a facility similar to a community center, but one that is supportive of alternative forms of education. The facility provides space for much needed educational and social activities for those who pursue any type of education. It also provides mentoring and support for parents as they seek nontraditional educational experiences.

RISE is the only facility in the Las Vegas valley with meeting space and classroom space designated for students pursuing nontraditional education. We provide educational and social events for the more than 6,000 homeschooled students and 10,000 charter-schooled students in the valley.

We have structured RISE Resource Center, Inc. to have a Board of Directors, and eventually an Advisory Board. At present, we have one part-time employee and many dedicated volunteers.

Together, we know that we will have a positive impact on our community. We are showcasing that parents have a choice, and they have help.