We take community phone calls all day on a variety of topics.

The vast majority of the calls we take are parents who say they want to homeschool, but once we explain what homeschooling is, they quickly realize this isn’t what they want to do. At that point we shift the conversation to online public charter schools.

Sometimes people call asking about simple things: educational plans, can homeschooled kids play on school sports teams, etc.

Sometimes there are problems and we handle them too! Homeschooled kid not being allowed to take classes at local public school, army recruiter not knowledgeable about accepting homeschooled students…we hear it all!

So…call us! (702) 748-7473

We offer supplementary classes for students learning from home. Our classes are held Wednesdays and Thursdays. Classes are year-long, but most are able to be entered at any time of the year. Class registration is EACH month.

Class Descriptions can be read on the event description page. Be sure to click the EVENTS tab as that will show you ALL the classes, not just the upcoming ones.

REGISTER HERE  It’s free to make an account, and then you can become a member, and/or register and pay for classes online.


New to homeschooling, thinking about it, or just need some encouragement? Come to this informal gathering, ask your questions and get your concerns answered. Elissa Wahl, from Nevada Homeschool Network, will be on hand to answer all of your homeschooling questions.

$20/couple. All proceeds directly support RISE’s ongoing effort to educate and advocate for educational options.

We regret that there is no childcare available. Well behaved children may attend, babies etc, it’s the 2-4 year old crowd that could be a problem! Please be respectful of others and remove any children who are disruptive.

Please be aware there are family pets, in case of allergies

Scholarships available

Dates vary- see our HOME PAGE for updates and registration

You don’t know what to do next! You think you want to homeschool. What are the laws? What are your choices for curriculum? Is anyone else doing this? Are there other options?

You can now schedule an individualized appointment with one of our experienced staff. After listening to your goals for your child, we will go over your options and make sure you understand the differences between them. Knowledge is power, and being able to CHOOSE your child’s educational setting will enable you to be invested in their education.

Please call us to schedule a time. (702) 748-7473. We’re currently taking appointments for Wednesdays and Thursdays, from 10-2.

Cost: $40

We believe many people want to make a difference and just don’t know how or where to start. Often it becomes personal, then that desire to affect change grows and grows.

This 4 part workshop series aimed at educating parents (anyone, really!) on how to be active in the community, teaches everything from navigating the Bill Tracking System, to how laws are made, to how to testify, and even how to create your own non-profit. Additionally, we’ve worked in a field trip so participants can be guided through their first time at a public meeting. This workshop information can cross issues and be used for any type of advocacy.

Workshop presenter: Elissa Wahl- In this workshop series I am leaning heavily on my 15 years of volunteer work geared towards educational options. I have founded 2 non -profits, written both of their IRS tax exemption documents (1 a 501c4, 1 a 501c3), sat on various state level boards (Homeschool Advisory Board – to the SBOE) and more recently the State Public Charter School Authority Board. I’ve written, lobbied for, and won excellent homeschooling laws for the state of NV. And, at the core of it, I’m just a mom. I’m self taught and I can teach other parents how to be as effective as I’ve been!

Book a Workshop Now

Each part can be a stand alone workshop, but for maximum effect, participants should try to attend all 4 parts.
The series would comprise of 4 workshops, each just under 2 hours, and should be held once a week, for 4 weeks.
A full day could accommodate the series
Email us with your needs: