Field Trip Guidelines

Field Trip Guidelines

RISE Field Trip Guidelines

1. Only sign up for a field trip if you are committed to going. Arrangements are made according to numbers and it is a poor testimony if everything is set up for 50 people but only 10 show up. (This has happened in the past)

2. If you must cancel due to emergency or illness, you must notify the person who set up the field trip as soon as possible.

3. Keep sick children home from events. It is better for your family to miss one thing, than to spread germs to all participating families. We have some families who have auto-immune disorders, some children who are prone to asthma after viral infections, and some whose bodies can’t handle infections.

4. Cancellations (other than illness) must be received prior to 3 days of the date of the scheduled field trip in order for waiting list families to make arrangements.

5. Some fields are set up for specific age groups, or limiting younger siblings. We must respect these requests.

6. Be at the designated meeting place before or at least on time.

7.  There will be NO grace period to the field trip time. If a class is scheduled for 10am, we suggest a meeting time of 9:45., etc The tour/class will begin AT the designated time. It is highly unfair to the families who are on time AND to the businesses who schedule these, to hold everyone up.

8. If you are late, it is NOT acceptable to ask for your own private tour. If possible sneak into the ongoing tour/class without disrupting it, if not, be gracious in your role for tardiness. Respecting that places of business take staff away from ongoing business to do tours is paramount to our being allowed to tour.

9. The children and parents should be respectful, kind and courteous to the tour guides and each other.

10. For the safety and protection of the children, activities and field-trips are not drop-off events.

11. Parents are expected to supervise their children at each activity, unless previous arrangements have been made with another parent to be responsible for them.

12. RSVP to the person setting up the field trip, directly.

13. If payment or a deposit is required, it must be paid in full, or as specified by the field trip coordinator, before the reservation is considered complete.

14. If circumstances prevent attending the event, refunds are not guaranteed, but will be made if possible.

15. RISE Education Resource Center, it’s employees, volunteers, Board of Directors, all disclaim responsibility for any liability, loss, injury or risk which is incurred as a direct or indirect result from participating in field trips, events, outings or any other social program which is set up by RISE Education Resource Center or it’s members. All parents are expected to be responsible for their own children.

Field Trip Coordinators will notify RISE staff about any tardiness or behavior issues. Results will be based on continuing problems, signifigance of problem etc.

NOTE: First impressions are the longest lasting!
For some tours, you will represent the public’s first exposure to homeschooling. Let’s make it a good one!