Set Up A Field Trip

Set Up A Field Trip

Field Trip Coordinator Guidelines

1.  Anyone can set up a field trip.

2.  Review our policy on field trips .

3.  Coordinate with RISE Office Staff to ensure the date picked is not in conflict with any other large events, and that the field trip hasn’t been recently done.

4.  Set up a way to compile RSVPs- either list your email address/phone number, etc. for direct communications.

5.  Set up a meeting time/place 15 minutes prior to scheduled activity.

6. Start the activity on time.

7.  Decide whether and how you can accept payments upfront for activities (paypal..adding a fee, mail, drop-offs, etc)

8. Send out the address, including zip code, in case people need to mapquest.

9.  Include your cell phone number (if you have one) so folks can call.

10.  After the field trip notify RISE Staff of any and all problems according to those guidelines.
This is the ONLY way to ensure we keep our name in goodstanding in the community.

Here are some hints/reminders for setting up trips with various businesses:

1.  Homeschoolers travel in family groups, meaning the “students” are often of varying grade levels and abilities. They each come with their own personal teacher, who can translate to their grade level if necessary. Please do not feel that you have to give a tour that is appropriate for every age group we represent! As long as the material is suitable for the parents, the knowledge can be passed on effectively!

2.  Parking- we require more parking than a simple school bus! When you see the trail of minivans, you’ll know we have arrived. We generally meet in the parking lot of the place we’re touring- do a head count- remind the children of the rules- and then enter as a group. If there are parking restrictions or advice you can give us, or special rules we need to be aware of, please let me know so I can make arrangements.

3.   Small children- we usually have a few! Generally there are  infants  carried by their mothers (or in a stroller if there’s access) and they are promptly removed or fed if they cry. We have a few 2-5 year olds who travel with our pack and one of the mothers generally removes them all to the outdoors or an appropriate area if their presence becomes distracting or inappropriate.

4.  We usually have no time restraints. School field trips generally have an ending time- a time when they all pack up and leave- we could stay all day! If this is a problem, please let us know. We tend to linger when we have had a good trip, or when there are interesting things to look at.

5.  We pre-study whatever topics we feel would maximize our educational experience, therefore we ask a lot of questions and are generally very interested in understanding the answers. If you have materials to recommend or that we can duplicate for our members- we would sincerely appreciate having that knowledge before we arrive. If you have a website, also, that often proves helpful!

6. Many of our children like to send thank-you cards to tour guides, so if you can possibly have a few business cards on hand- with a mailing address, it would be greatly appreciated.

7. You may hear the term “black-out days”.  This refers to days that the Clark County School Busses are NOT allowed to be used for field trips.  As self-transporting families, black out days do not affect us…if anything it would be a POSITIVE in that there would be less field trips scheduled on those days!

8.  Last but not least- flash photography…please let us know before we arrive if it is acceptable to take photographs during our visit.

Check out our RESOURCES tab for a list of various field trips around Las Vegas!