Dance Classes (modest)

Dance Classes (modest)

The Rock Center for Dance on Silverado Ranch and Pollock (near the Southpoint) will be starting dance classes for homeschooled students on Friday mornings in February.

Starting in February, Quinn (director of the Rock) will be offering three 45 minute dance classes on Friday morning specifically for homeschooled students. They are as follows:

Classical Ballet at 10:00- 10:45 Cost: $10.00 weekly
Rhythm Tap 10:45 – 11:30 Cost: $10.00 weekly
Jazz 11:30 – 12:15 Cost: $10.00 weekly

Students can take one, two, or all three classes.
If students take all three classes weekly, there is a reduced rate of $25.00 per student.

To get started, the classes will be treated as “drop in” classes (pay for each class you want to take by the week). When Quinn is able to see what the registration for these classes will be, she will then offer a monthly rate as well. Depending on the number of students registering, she also plans on dividing the age groups for ballet and tap (i.e. while ballet is offered for the older students, the younger students will be taking tap and then they will switch). To get started, everyone will take the jazz class together until that class can be divided into age groups as well. This is the first time that a studio in Las Vegas is providing “modest” dance classes for homeschooled students. It will take a little time to see what the registration for these classes will be and she can make adjustments in the future. Quinn prefers that students wear leotards with footless tights and cut off sweat pants to mid calf for classes. The music and the choreography will be age appropriate. Boys are welcome to take the classes as well. I know that parents will be very pleased with the quality and age appropriateness of the dance classes at the Rock. The studio is very clean and always welcoming to new students.

Classes will begin the first Friday of February. For more information and to register for classes you can call the studio at 702-341-7625.

If you know of parents who have been frustrated with the “vegas-style” of dancing for young children in this town, it would be greatly appreciated if you could post these new dance classes on your loop.