Record Keeping & Transcripting

Record Keeping & Transcripting

Record Keeping and Transcripting Workshop

Can you homeschool high school? Absolutely! But what about college and workplace requirements? Won’t they want to see a diploma? or a transcript? Elissa Wahl, from Nevada Homeschool Network, will be on hand to answer all of these questions and more!

Wed Oct 30, 7pm-9pm

Address: Elissa’s house

4717 Compass Bow Lane, LV . NV . 89130

Register here:

Allergy sufferers, please be aware there are family pets.

$20/couple All proceeds directly support RISE’s ongoing effort to educate and advocate for educational options.

We regret that there is no childcare available. Well behaved children may attend, babies etc, it’s the 2-4 year old crowd that could be a problem! Please be respectful of others and remove any children who are disruptive.

Scholarships available

About Elissa Wahl

Elissa is a long time homeschool mom and an education advocate. In addition to co-authoring Christian Unschooling : Growing Your Children in the Freedom of Christ, Elissa is active in advocating for educational options. In 2001 she co-founded Nevada Homeschool Network, NV’s only homeschool advocacy organization, in 2009 she co-founded RISE Education Resource Center, and in 2012 she was appointed to the State Public Charter School Authority. Elissa has a wide range of knowledge about educational options and specifically homeschooling.

Elissa is untiring in her effort to educate the community about homeschooling. She has mentored thousands of families over the years on everything from homeschooling laws to how-to’s, to record keeping. She has spoken at Moms groups, homeschool support groups, churches, homeschool conferences and more.

Elissa’s biggest desire is to keep homeschooling in NV free from government regulation and to make sure every parent knows about homeschooling as an option.
Elissa has valuable information to share and willingly does so.