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Date: 2011-10-05

Shop For Schools

Join us for Fresh and Easy’s Shop For Schools Program!  Save your Fresh and Easy receipts and give them to us. Every order of $20 gives RISE $1,  your order of $40=$2 to us, your $6-=$3, etc.



Business Plan

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we’re back! Sorry about that little blurp

Initial Homeschool Group Survey

What is your group name?
What is your group mission? Or description?

How many members are in your group?
How many times does your group meet together as a whole? (parents meetings)
Examples: We never meet, how many times a week or how many times a month

How many children…

Storage Unit Payment Due

By the 12 of the month, each and every month, we need a donation of $112. This will allow us to continue to rent our 10 x 25 storage space. It is being filled each and every week with donations from all around the community! It’s imperative that we keep …

Facilities Update

Well, while we’re really hoping this one specific building will become available for our use at a price we can afford, we are looking at other properties. Yesterday we viewed a property that would work well as a starter building. It would be a little over $5,000 a month for …

First Facility Viewing!

Things are moving fast all of a sudden! We have a walk through of a facility this afternoon, and another that we are diligently praying about. Trying to find the most affordable, yet the most productive space…stay tuned!

Logo Chosen

After receiving many submissions for RISE Resource Center’s logo,we have chosen one! Many thanks to all who submitted, or passed the word along. We appreciate all of your time and effort. This whole facility and concept is for YOU so we’re glad you’re involved!

We love the warm feeling it …