Graduation 2017

Graduation 2017

Homeschool graduation update:

Here is some information that will help us all prepare for a beautiful graduation for our graduates.

We have the cultural hall scheduled for June 2, 2017. This is in the LDSchurch building located at 226 West Thomas Ave; just off the blvd. (The blvd is the main street into town from I-15.) It is approx. 10 miles south of I-15. Currently construction has started on that road and may cause 30 minute delays. Please plan accordingly so that you may arrive well in time. Thomas Ave. is located behind Napa Auto parts and is one block off of the blvd going west of Napa Auto.

Graduation Date: Friday, June 2, 2017
Graduation Time: afternoon . Working to confirm the times…
Tentatively, 3pm set up your graduate’s table, 4pm photos at a beautiful photo shoot place 2 blocks from the church, 5pm graduation ceremony, 6pm clean-up. ¬†7pm go celebrate with your families.
Graduation Place: 226 West Thomas Ave. Overton Nevada

Your arrival time: 3:00pm (so that you may:

1.set up your display table for your graduates achievements, awards, etc.
2.allow time for photos prior to graduation

For those traveling in there is a grocery store, park, restaurants, gas stations, etc. to meet those needs.

You are invited to bring:
1. a cap and gown
2. a diploma
3. as many people to support you as you wish (plenty of space and chairs)
4. any achievements, awards, etc. (to put on your own display table)
5. a speech if desired (part of the program will be time for each graduate to speak if they so wish)
6. if your achievement is musical then we would love to include time for showcasing your talent; i.e. piano, vocal, or instrument musical number. As this is our church building, only reverent musical  numbers will be accepted.

Please note that caps and gowns colors and tassels are your preferred color. No matching colors are required. Choose what you and your graduate want to use for colors, etc.

A Photographer willing to donate their time and talent to our graduation
Opening Prayer
Closing Prayer

For questions:

Rebecca Muhlestein

Or Amy Carder


Preferred vendor: