Community Activism Workshops

Community Activism Workshops

We believe many people want to make a difference and just don’t know how or where to start. Often it becomes personal, then that desire to affect change grows and grows.

This 4 part workshop series aimed at educating¬†parents (anyone, really!) on how to be active in the community, teaches everything from navigating the Bill Tracking System, to how laws are made, to how to testify, and even how to create your own non-profit. Additionally, we’ve worked in a field trip so participants can be guided through their first time at a public meeting.¬† This workshop information can cross issues and be used for any type of advocacy.

Workshop presenter: Elissa Wahl- In this workshop series I am leaning heavily on my 15 years of volunteer work geared towards educational options. I have founded 2 non -profits, written both of their IRS tax exemption documents (1 a 501c4, 1 a 501c3), sat on various state level boards (Homeschool Advisory Board – to the SBOE) and more recently the State Public Charter School Authority Board. I’ve written, lobbied for, and won excellent homeschooling laws for the state of NV. And, at the core of it, I’m just a mom. I’m self taught and I can teach other parents how to be as effective as I’ve been!

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  • Each part can be a stand alone workshop, but for maximum effect, participants should try to attend all 4 parts.
  • The series would comprise of 4 workshops, each just under 2 hours, and should be held once a week, for 4 weeks.
  • A full day could accommodate the series

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Workshop Outline
Part 1– Intro of who I am
Who is your legislator
Bill tracking
Navigating NELIS

Part 2
How to make a change (Identify WHERE!)
How Laws are made
How to help pass/kill a bill

Part 3
Do you want or need to make an organization
Furthering Your Cause
Alerts Group

Part 4
Pre field trip
homework- your testimony
Field Trip