Initial Homeschool Group Survey

What is your group name?
What is your group mission? Or description?

How many members are in your group?
How many times does your group meet together as a whole? (parents meetings)
Examples: We never meet, how many times a week or how many times a month

How many children do you have participate in each of the following age groups?
3-5 6-12 13-18

Does your group have a home, a place to meet?

Does your group have a place to hold classes? If so, where?
Examples: Church, private homes, community centers

How many classes does your group provide a month?
Examples: None, ___ weekly, _____monthly

How many special events does your group provide throughout the year?
Examples: Art Fair, Science & History Fairs, Play Performances...
Never, ______weekly, _______ monthly or _____yearly

How often does your group rent space for classes or events throughout the year?

If you rent space, what is the average cost to you or your group for each rental?
What type of classes or special events does your group provide?

Does your group currently have a resource library?

Is a resource library something you feel your group could benefit from?

If a resource library could be available to you, what would you like to find in it?

What type of classes, activities, or special events would you like available at RISE?

Is RISE Resource Center, Inc. a facility you feel your group would benefit from? If yes, in what way?

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